Sep 11, 2010, 00:36

This week we reached 8,000 tracks on MusicRevolution! Hundreds of musicians from all over the globe have uploaded tracks in every style and genre and we feel truly honored to represent such an amazing community of production music talent.

To commemorate the occasion I thought I’d highlight tracks from our collection that are perfect for short broadcast spots. All of the tracks featured in this blog are available for licensing on a royalty-free basis and can easily added to a shopping cart by going to this URL (scroll to the bottom left to see the tracks in your bin):

1) “Pines of the Appian Way” – Apollo Symphony Orchestra

This is actually a 1924 symphonic work by the Italian composer Ottorino Respighi. What most video editors often overlook when listening to this six-minute piece is the gloriously huge ending. The last two minutes is the kind of music played at the very end of a sci-fi epic when everyone is basking in ass-kicking they just wholly delivered. For your convenience, yours truly just edited out the beginning section so you can feel the Olympian vibes right away.


2.“Pop Walk” – Dewey Dellay

    This track sets wonderfully under voice over and can sell anything from anti-depressants to mattress pads. An annoyingly happy female voice cascades over jangly guitars but not before a team-player synth intro cedes a few seconds of the spotlight to something said…something shown… and something heavily advertised.


    3. “Big Power Pop Anthem” – Bobby Cole

      The perfect soundtrack for an iPad spot. It’s the production music equivalent of a starry-eyed actor that’s only been in Hollywood for one week – lots of innocence, lots of energy, a few years behind the latest fashions, but already starting to pick up the local lingo.


      4. “Hey Hey Hey” – Rachel Fine

        What makes this indie vocal track so perfect for a make-up or fashion spot is its firm individuality. The tempo is slowish mid tempo but the attitude is full-on urban girl power. Rachel Fine just released her album Own Your Own on Sunset Records.


        5. “Ole” – Vince Varco

        Admittedly, this is a pretty niche track. It is the quintessential tex-mex track resplendent with male vocal hollering, aggressive flamenco guitar and more percussion instruments than an Orff clinic.

        1. Ole.mp3

        It’s a privilege to carry such professional and high-quality tracks in our library. We love our musician community!


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