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The Interview:

1. High profile projects or clients you have worked for?

Boeing, Microsoft XBOX 360, Toyota.

2. Primary instrument?

Guitar was my first instrument and the one that still feels the most natural for me, but I am comfortable playing Bass, Keyboards, Drums and Vocals. For everything else, at this point – I handle that with sample-instruments.

3. Favorite music-making piece of gear or software you currently use?

Software / DAW – Pro Tools and Logic Studio equally, depending on what it is I am trying to do at a given moment. For Orchestral stuff, EWQLSO is absolutely my favorite. I love my Les Paul guitars of course.

4. Piece of gear or software you wish you owned?

A Stradivarius violin 🙂

5. Film score or song you admire? Why?

Difficult to pick one when there are so many great ones… but ok – Strawberry Fields by The Beatles.

Why? Just listen to it. The sounds they used, the melodies and harmonies, and just think about the gear they had to work with at the time.

6. Music education background?

– Recording Engineering at UCLA Extension

– Vocal Institute of Technology at Musicians Institute

– Guitar Institute of Technology at Musicians Institute

– Private Guitar lessons from the age of 12

7. Memorable “Aha!” moment during your musical education?

That music is really a lot like Mathematics. (I later found out that the Greek word for music and math is actually the same).

8. Most embarrassing music-related moment?

I can’t think of any… I must have suppressed those memories haha.

9. If you had a time machine and could record or perform once with any artist, who would it be?

The Jimi Hendrix Experience. But, I think I would wanna perform in the opening act, just so I could watch and listen to the Hendrix performance, rather than mess with it.

10. Moment you first knew you would be a musician?

I think it was always there from birth.

11. Advice you would give to a younger family member interested in a music career?

Don’t even think about it! LOL, seriously tho, if they really want to embark on this journey, I would tell them to be prepared for a lot of hard work and likely many disappointments before they can harvest any fruits of success. My favorite word of wisdom: You have not failed until you stop trying.

12. Five songs or albums you’d take with you to a desert island?

Ummm, how long will I be there? Five songs would be terrible, since I would probably end up hating any songs, even if they were my favorites, if I had to listen to them over and over… 5 Albums would be better, but still difficult to pick… but here’s an attempt: Miles Davis & John Coltrane “Fran Dance”, AC/DC “Highway To Hell”, Hybrid “Sound System 01”, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Led Zeppelin “Houses Of The Holy.

13. If you could master another instrument, what would it be?


14. Favorite time of day to work in your studio?

Any time. I feel that different times of the day inspire different moods and may lead to different results. I used to love working at night, when everyone else is asleep, but lately I like getting up early in the morning and start working on music before other things come to mind and start to interfere with the “pure mind” and “fresh ears” of an early morning.

15. Any studio collaboration you experienced that stands out in your mind? Why?

Currently working on a quite interesting project for a female Singer Songwriter, where everything is done over the internet. She sends me rough drafts and mp3s of old recordings, I record and arrange all the instruments, send the Pro Tools session back to her. She then adds her Vocals and Violin. Finally she sends the session to a third person who does the final mix.

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