May 9, 2011, 10:42

Anyone who collaborates on production music projects knows that transferring large files from one party to another is part of the gig. There are lots of free ftp programs out there which are can be used to accomplish this by bypassing complicated web protocols and basically using the internet as one big hard drive. It’s “cloud” before “cloud” was cool.

For your consideration, may we present Fire FTP (, which installs into the popular Firefox browser as a plug in. It’s been downloaded 19 million times and counting. It was developed by Mime Čuvalo, web developer and son of Croatian historian Dr. Ante Čuvalo.

Admittedly, what earned this tool a place in our hearts was not it’s bug-free environment or the great user interface, but rather the eloquent request on Cuvalo’s download page for us all to be better people….and he gets specific.

This list is way cool. Print it out and tape it on your wall.

Suggestions on different ways of being awesome:

-Volunteer. Somewhere. Anywhere.
-Take what you’re passionate about and see how you can also make it beneficial to your community.
-If you own a business, donate proceeds to green energy or charity or something beneficial.
-Support local businesses and encourage them to do the above.
-Buy locally grown food and get a reusable bag.
-Ride your bike instead of taking your car.
-Go hang out with your kids more.
-Go hang out with your parents more.
-Take only what you need, not what you can get.

Thanks to Mime Cuvalo for this excellent contribution.


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