Aug 4, 2011, 11:50

From an audio post house based in the US: “I’ve been searching on the Music Revolution site, but have had very little luck trying to find a certain sound alike song.  I need it to have the same vibe as the song in the link below [slow tempo, Janis Joplin type lead guitar]. Sort of a 60’s throwback lazy guitar vibe feel.  Can you recommend any tracks or point me in the right direction?  Thank you!”

If you have a track on MusicRevolution that fits this description, please click on the link below to the forum thread and post a reply with a link to your track (see instructions below for creating a track link). We have asked this requester to check this thread frequently:

If you wish to create or submit a new track for this project,  please include “Track Request 45” in the description box and we’ll approve it as quickly as possible.

-To receive these track requests via Twitter please follow us at @musicrevolutio

-To receive these track requests via Facebook, please “like”

-To submit your own request for music please go to

Instructions for creating a link to Your MusicRevolution track:

1)      Log into

2)      Find your track on our search page [URL]

3)      Click on the track title. You should be taken to a search results page displaying only that track.

4)      Copy the URL

5)      Click on the forum thread URL

6)      Go the bottom where it says “Write comment”

7)      Paste in your link

8)      Describe your track.

Thanks for letting us sell your music!


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