Estimates from eMarketer indicate that U.S. digital video ad spending will nearly double in only four years, climbing from $4.14 billion this year to $8.04 billion in 2016. Read more at Online video and online video ads, like offline video, are unfinished without music or sound. Our production music library contains thousands of tracks […]

A US music library with whom we partner is releasing two upcoming CDs of dubstep tracks. They are looking for tracks to include on, in their exact words, “two albums of Dubstep, one ‘pop’ or commercial, such as it is, and the other oriented towards trailers and cinematic.” An upfront licensing fee (against future sync […]

An independent filmmaker based in the UK has just completed a short film and needs a slow 12/8 rock groove for a dramatic scene. If you wish to create or submit a new track for this project, please add “Track Request 53” in the “Description” field of your track metadata

An audio post house based in the US is looking for slow, cinematic orchestral music for videos that would commemorate soldiers, police officers and other public servants killed in the line of duty. Each video is around 4 minutes long, but it’s ok to repeat sections or loop the track if necessary. As long as the instruments are realistic, well-mixed and convey and reverent, solemn kind of mood.

Can you recommend any tracks or point me in the right direction? Thank you!”

From a UK-based film production company: “I’m looking for some unknown, unsigned British rock bands. I’m ideally trying to keep this British, so I would prefer a home grown band if possible. I’m looking for uplifting, Oasis-sounding, or borderline cheesy 80’s rock, along the Beverly Hills Cop/Top Gun lines.” If you have a track on MusicRevolution […]

From an Atlanta-based audio post company: “Do you have a library piece that is in the spirit of Black Eyed Peas “I’ve got a feeling”? If not something hip and fun that we can license for a corporate meeting.” If you have a track on MusicRevolution that fits this description, please click on the link […]