Apr 22, 2012, 03:42

“Sparrow” by DJBonseye
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Perfect for:

A TV show character experiencing an epiphany and realizing they should stay the course, weather the storm and stay true to who they are, even if it means sticking with chess club and being on the wrong end of wedgy pranks by the lacrosse team.

DJ Bonseye’s Comments:

“Sparrow is our best seller with other libraries.  It’s a purely acoustic, moody, introspective that touches on the fear of stepping out into the world and emerging into hope, inner strength and discovery.  A hauntingly beautiful ballad portraying the lonely sparrow flying out into the darkness of the wide unknown world, fragile yet hopeful”

Media producers will find this to be the perfect choice when looking to license chill female vocal track for video. Big thanks to DJBonseye for letting us carry this great track.


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