May 11, 2012, 10:56

“Relax A While” by JHunger Music

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Perfect for:

Inspirational website music that feels like a breath of fresh air for folks that visit your page. A lot of website experts recommend a visual element to your site that makes  the user feel like they’re in an open space, such as a nature panorama or an open road because its gives the user a sense of space and breathing room. This track is the aural equivalent of that.

JHunger Music’s Comments:

“My wife is from Hawaii and we visit there often. On our first trip I picked up an ukulele and fell in love with it, playing it on the beach or on her parents’ veranda while watching the waves on a sunny afternoon. I meant this song to capture that spirit – a nice relaxing day with a slight breeze, hot sun, and nothing much to do.”

Big thanks to JHunger Music for letting us carry this great production music track.


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