May 16, 2012, 11:02

“Whistling Kisses (Instrumental) by Joi Veer

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Perfect for:

A TV spot where perfect kids arrive home to a perfect mom in a perfect house and ascribe all their joy to a single consumer food product in the kitchen. That product is then awkwardly held up to the camera in a way that no human ever actually does.   A female voice over drips friendly vibes all over this fun royalty free music for TV spot.

Joi Veer’s Comments:

“Whistling Kisses” was the 2nd instrumental track I wrote for the children’s market, but it came about in a funny way.

What happened was this:  In March 2005, I became the lucky father of twins, a girl (Greta) and a boy (Max), and about six months after they were born, we had them in the high chairs in our attempt to get them on real “baby” food.

Well my daughter used to stare at me, and her eyes would follow me around the room no matter where I walked.  So, when it was feeding time, I would have to stand in front of her and say funny things to get her to open her mouth for the next spoonful.

During one of these performances, out of the blue and quite spontaneously, I started whistling this little melody which left her awestruck with her mouth wide open.  I didn’t think anything of what I had whistled, but then a few days later, it happened again with that same melody rolling off the tip of my tongue, and then once more.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I think I had the chorus for what could be a great kids tune.  Now, the whistled melody had my musical attention, and I began to run it thru my brain, play supporting chords on guitar, and write the other parts to make it a song.

When we recorded it, my keyboard player, Joe Rozler, triple tracked the whistling because although the chorus was in my vocal, or whistling range if you will, the other parts were too high for me, and I liked the key it was in.  He learned it amazingly fast, and blew it out exactly as I had written it.  We were enamored with the results.

But then, another really wild and educational thing happened.  Well, I was certain that the children’s shows would jump all over this tune, but only a few months after the recording became available for licensing, to my surprise, “Whistling Kisses” was placed in an episode of MTV’s “Exposed” and shortly after that in Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes.”  I was shocked that reality TV would scoop up a track like this, but it made sense…they used it as the comic relief to the drama they built up.  Live and learn, eh?

Eventually, it did wind up in some kids shows as well as numerous placements on various TV programs worldwide.  And that’s how “Whistling Kisses” came to be.”

Big thanks to Joi Veer for letting us carry this great production music track.


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