May 26, 2012, 15:23

“Confidence” by Lindy Botha

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Description: A very strong, confident and modern instrumental with compelling intro and appealing progression. This track is just what you need to get an audience’s attention. Perfect for Corporate Branding, Videos, Commercials and Advertising. Harp harmonies, piano, effects, ambiance, drums and bass.

Genres/Styles: Light, electronic, new age, underscore, inspirational, easy-listening

Uses: Commercials & Advertising, Corporate Branding, Online Videos, TV Programs / Documentaries

Lindy’s Comments: I was at home in my studio going through all of my old stuff and came across what is now the “intro” to this song, and decided to make a song of it. That’s it basically. Composed in 2011.

We thank Lindy Botha for letting carry this great track.


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