Aug 19, 2012, 17:23

“Circles” by Darko Saric

Perfect for:

The exact moment our main character (let’s say he’s British just for fun) learns that the college disciplinary committee was so moved by his speech they’re going to overlook the Jeffrey Dahmer theme party, cow-tipping Olympics, and the triste with chancellor’s niece. The full band coming in at :15 synchronizes beautifully with the follow-up moment when our man steps out on the courtyard steps to a cheering throng of students.

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Seriously, “Circles” is one of’s all-time best sellers and we’d highly recommend this royalty free triumphant music to any media producer needing to kick off a video with a modern shot of feel-good.

Musicians’s Comments:

“The idea behind Circles was to try to mix two of my favorites bands: U2 and Coldplay. To achieve this sound, I began working on the rhythm/riff with the electric guitar. As soon as I came up with the main riff that has that characteristic U2 energy, I decided to work on the drums and bass and I wanted to get away from a straight rock style and go for a more unusual pattern using some syncopation with the snare and driving the music with the toms.

The icing on the cake is the lead guitar that has the sensitivity of Coldplay, specifically the piano and trying to express the same emotion with the guitar.

Then, to enhance the contrast I added a duplicate guitars which are recorded with different combinations of pickups. As well as piano and slide guitar, helped me make the track wider and spatial.”

A big thanks to Darko Saric for letting us carry this incredible track!


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