Sep 24, 2012, 13:00

Years ago one of our best UK-based musicians, Sirius Child (creator of the awesome royalty-free downtempo track “Recline” , tipped us off about an emerging style of music called dubstep.  It’s a sub-genre of electronica that exploits low frequency ranges to a groin-tickling degree that’s never been done before.

According Vance Kelly, a professional live sound consultant, “50 to 90 Hertz is that frequency range where a well-tuned sound system will make your mid-section feel all wobbly.” After hearing this music pumped through the 28,000+ watt sound system at Atlanta’s Verizon Amphitheater last year during a Bassnector show, I fully understand why hormonal college students attend performances by Skrillex, DeadMau5 and other dubstep artists by the thousands.

While other mainstream brands may have safely snuck elements of dubstep into their ad soundtracks, Kmart gets the prize for going all-in with a back-to-school ad featuring the song “Phunkshock” by Motroda.

The Kmart spot is a great example of using dubstep in a national branding campaign. When you’re ready to use this emerging sub-genre of electronica in your own media productions, check out this royalty-free dubstep track from


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