Nov 11, 2012, 13:56

If any member of the original ratpack, including Sinatra, were sent forward in time to 2012 and beamed directly to a Logic seminar at an Apple Store, Willy Moon will be the result.

This rail-thin, New Zealander has one foot firmly placed in the pre-rock n’ roll big band era where tons of 10-second samples of actual live musicians can be found. His other foot is placed in the bleeding edge of music software where those samples can be infused with crazy beats and get used in iTunes commercials.

Tracks like this are an even deeper step into what Moby was doing in the 90’s. Taking old, classic ingredients that feel familiar and acceptable, pouring them through a sieve, then spreading the extract out across a rhythmic landscape that begs you to either make-out with someone or buy a car. Your choice.

Willy Moon employs the same philosophy, but clearly expects far less of his audience’s time. His website claims his songs rarely cross the 3-minute mark. And based on the wonderful flashiness of “Yeah Yeah”, his art was designed to say everything that needs to be said before the elevator ride to the ADHD doctor’s office is complete.

Here’s a MusicRevolution retro hip hop stock music track that media producers can use if they want to affordably emulate this musical effect.


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