This week’s featured track on ( is “Save My World” by Wolfgang Woehrle. This is a motivational and inspiring orchestral cinematic music track that is perfect for film, TV, and advertising. “Save My World (Full)” (#07412109) Track Description— “Save My World” – Motivational and inspiring orchestral cinematic music track with string ostinatos, brass […]

Featured Track: “Brief Pause” by Solxis Music For the first time in his life, my 16-year old son is experiencing the intricacies of being – and having – a “wing-man”. He recently updated me on his social life and, while he spoke, I wished Solxis Music’s “Brief Pause” was playing in the background. That’s because […]

1) Monster, Inc – “Getting Started” What’s most remarkable about the first three spots on our list is that they were created by NBC’s in-house agency. That’s crazy because a TV network’s role is normally just to host the game and collect the checks. But at a time when NBC shareholders demand revenue growth in […]

We have over 50,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( This week’s featured track is “Happy Way” by Alex Borg. This is a happy, upbeat, acoustic instrumental track that is perfect for any kind of advertising and commercials. “Happy Way” (#02135570) Track Description— “Happy Way” — Happy, motivational and upbeat music bed. Perfect […]

In the late 90’s, whenever clients asked me to compose electronica tracks, I would secretly roll my eyes. To me, the music of Kraftwerk and Vangelis lacked warmth. Sure, techno was easy enough to create in a home studio and it was lucrative to do projects without musician costs. But I didn’t get the genre. […]

In season 2 of Mad Men, Sterling Cooper advertising agency brings in two young creative superstars to help Martinson Coffee – an old iconic brand – reach a younger audience. Here’s the dialog: “We don’t want to be told what to do,” says the hip, twenty-something copywriter. “That’s over. We want to find things for […]

We have over 50,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( This week’s featured track is “Calling And Calling” by B.L.R. This is a dreamy, sensual, exotic track that is perfect for projects that need the sound of high fashion, luxury, exotic destinations, mystery, intrigue, sensual, travel or espionage. “Calling and Calling” (#01708264) Track […]

How do you convince a Grammy-winning, household-name that writing a jingle for an insurance company isn’t compromising his artistic integrity? By letting him re-write it…any way he wants. That appears to be how ad agency Oglivy Mather got Brad Paisley to sing the “Nationwide is on your side” earworm. This is so cool: Nationwide Insurance […]

We have nearly 50,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). This week’s featured track is “Let Them Fly” by soundroad. This is an uplifting, inspirational track with an indie feel that is perfect for website and TV advertising, videos and broadcast programming. “Let Them Fly” (#01538755) Track Description— “Let Them […]

Hearing Coltrane, Dizzy and Miles blow a solo in 1954 probably felt – at least to a layman – much like venturing out into metropolis currently feels to me. A brute force; all of it demanding my full attention and respect. Which explains why music lovers so hungrily consumed the relaxed, unhurried piano playing of […]