Jan 9, 2014, 14:12

I once had a perfectly-lit dinner with a woman far out of my league. She had sustained just enough emotional scars to not give a flip whether or not she made me look like a billionaire (she did).

Growing up her father had owned a piano store which I think heightened her sensitivity to chord changes. And she was the kind of woman who would listen to you talk about the things that had happened during your day and then feel what you should be feeling about those things. It was what psychologists would technically call a crap-load of empathy.

The music they played at this restaurant (The Grape, Atlanta, Georgia – circa 2006) was perfect. It was ambient. It was sexy. It was slow. And it had chord movement that made us feel like secret messages were being communicated to us.

Here’s a playlist for you, dear customer. For scenes in your video productions that need the kind of music perfect for well-lit, empathy-filled dinner dates :




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