Jan 18, 2014, 20:55

St. Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday held on February 14 celebrating romance and affection between lovers and significant others. With Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014, less than a month away, we thought that we would highlight some of the royalty-free music on MusicRevolution.com (www.musicrevolution.com) that would work for your ad campaign, production or for background music on Valentine’s Day. We have some excellent royalty-free Valentine’s Day music. A search on MusicRevolution.com for “Valentine” yields 86 royalty-free music tracks-


A search for “Valentine’s Day” yields the following 32 royalty-free music tracks–


A search for “romantic” yields over 1.200 royalty-free music tracks—


A search for “romance” yields nearly 400 royalty-free music tracks—


A search for “sentimental” yields over 5,000 royalty-free music tracks—


A search for “love” yields over 1,400 royalty-free music tracks—


A search for “passion” yields nearly 400 royalty-free music tracks—


A search for “dreamy” yields nearly 400 royalty-free music tracks—


MusicRevolution.com also has a number of CDs, available in both physical and download CD format, with hand-selected royalty-free music tracks that are perfect for Valentine’s Day multi-media projects, including “Sentimental, Vol. 1” —


With nearly 28,000 tracks of royalty-free music online, there are many other possible music choices to set the right mood for your Valentine’s Day ad campaign or project. MusicRevolution.com (www.musicrevolution.com) has some of the best royalty-free music available anywhere.


Chris Cardell is the co-founder of MusicRevolution.com http://www.musicrevolution.com, a royalty-free music marketplace with nearly 28,000 tracks online where media producers, video producers, filmmakers, game developers, advertisers, businesses and other music buyers can license high-quality, affordable royalty-free music from an online community of professional musicians. MusicRevolution.com also provides custom music production and custom music streams. The entire MusicRevolution.com production music library is available for third-party distribution and bulk licensing for background music for retail, restaurants and businesses, and for other commercial applications. Cardell has been involved with digital content and E-Commerce since the mid-1990’s.


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