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Location: Derby, United Kingdom

Member since: August 5, 2010

Tracks in portfolio on MusicRevolution.com: 289 (click here to hear all tracks) http://www.musicrevolution.com/search?artist=326

–Background—Alex Plowright of 4 Seasons Music is a freelance composer from the UK Midlands. He graduated from Oxford University with a BA in music. Alex specializes in techniques of composition, performance and orchestration. He began playing the piano aged 7, and started composing at 13, for a local theatre company. Alex began composing professionally once he left university, quickly gaining my first TV credit with a documentary series on BBC World.

–High profile projects or clients you have worked for?

Recently I have written custom music for Coca Cola, Nokia and Crayola. I spend most of my time writing library music, which has found its way onto everything from bra adverts to ‘The Apprentice’.

–Primary instrument?

My main instrument is the piano, which I have played for over 20 years, and I also play a bit of guitar.

–Favorite music-making piece of gear or software you currently use?

My favourite piece of software is the ProjectSAM Symphobia libraries, which are great if you need a cinematic orchestral sound.

–Piece of gear or software you wish you owned?

Eventually I would like to get a Yamaha silent baby grand piano – they have a headphone socket so that you can practice without annoying other people.

–Film score or song you admire? Why?

I used to be obsessed with Vangelis, whose soundtracks inspired me to become a composer. My favourite of his is Bladerunner. I liked the way that a perfectly cinematic score could be created just using synthesizers, and it still sounds pretty futuristic to my ears. I’m also a fan of Bernard Herrmann and John Barry.

–Music education background?

I have a music degree from Oxford University, but I concentrated on the history and theory of music. I’m a self-taught composer and producer.

–Most embarrassing music-related moment?

I once sneezed into my saxophone during a school band rendition of ‘Silent Night’, which produced the sound of an angry Christmas goose.

–Moment you first knew you would be a musician?

Due to my poor sight-reading skills, I had to teach myself how to play by ear… I spent ages playing TV and video game music from memory, and when I realized I’d effectively gained perfect pitch I thought I should put it to good use by composing.

–Advice you would give to a younger family member interested in a music career?

I would stress the importance of learning how to mix and master properly, and to create backups of all of your work.

–Five songs or albums you’d take with you to a desert island?

Serge Gainsbourg – Initials SG
The Olivia Tremor Control – Black Foliage: Animation Music
The New Pornographers – Twin Cinema
Moon – Without Earth and the Moon
The Microphones – The Glow Pt. 2

–If you could master another instrument, what would it be?

If I could go back in time I would have chosen an inconspicuous orchestral instrument like the bassoon. (There weren’t many opportunities to hang out with other musicians if you weren’t in an orchestra at university.) These days I would rather master the guitar.

–Favorite time of day to work in your studio?

I find that the early hours of the morning are my most creative time. I don’t seem to have a body clock, so I often work at bizarre hours.

–Any studio collaboration you experienced that stands out in your mind?

I don’t really have much studio experience… My band once recorded some songs for a student on the most famous music production course in the UK, but the analogue tape reels malfunctioned and recorded us at slightly different speeds, so the end result was unlistenable.

–Some of your favorite tracks that you would want us to feature in the blog.

“Roy G. Biv”




“Making Progress”, if you need an uplifting indie track that works well in charity and corporate videos.


‘Numerator Seven’, which is in an unusual 7/8 time signature.


‘Chasing Rabbits’, a bouncy chamber music track in the style of Michael Nyman.



We thank Alex for sharing some of his musical background with us and for contributing his tracks to MusicRevolution.com, the Royalty-Free Music Marketplace. The next time you need uplifting instrumental music in a range of styles, including classical, ambient and minimalist styles, check out 4 Seasons Music on MusicRevolution.com.


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