May 22, 2015, 12:54

In memory of B.B. King, we asked one of our newest musicians for parting thoughts on the reigning King of Blues. This particular musician, Robert Heft, was the right guy to ask because tracks he uploaded such as Bottom of the Blues and Hey Baby exhibit a depth and authenticity that goes way beyond the mechanics of pentatonic scales and cigarettes. This guy’s lived through some serious stuff and it oozes through his music:

“B.B. King was the first guitarist I can remember seeing on television,” Heft explains. “I was about 12 years old and already learning to play. He had this amazing vibrato, I’d never seen or heard anything like it. It changed the way I looked at and listened to not only guitarists but all string players, horn players, vocalists, etc. This was a guitarist’s signature, their stamp, their individuality, their tone. Hearing B.B. King play MEANT something, made me FEEL something. Every electric guitarist on the planet is influenced by him and owes him a debt of gratitude and respect. B.B. King may be gone, but the THRILL will never be and his music will live on forever.

Robert Heft joined the week B.B. King passed away. At the risk of being shmaltzy, we’d like to think something reincarnated it’s way into our humble collection that day.

Welcome, Robert. Thanks for being a part of


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