Jun 15, 2016, 11:15

We think Joi Veer’s new single, “So Much Further Than Far Away – Remix”, would fit perfectly in an episode of USA Network’s Burn Notice for the same reason the show fits perfectly into our lives; it stays at just the temperature you need…for as long as you need.

Almost every scene in Burn Notice kicks off with a peppy indie tune that quickly fades down to make room for dialog about spy technology – riveting stuff for nerds like us. And the music always sets the all-important emotional tone: Yes, bombs will explode and people will be kidnapped. But relax – it’s all in good fun.

“So Much Further Than Far Away – Remix” (featuring the skills of LA producer/keyboard/programming wiz named Nifna Mann) possesses that culturally-aware, Tarantino-like stamp of a song that takes itself seriously…so you don’t have to. We hereby nominate “So Much Further Than Far Away – Remix” for inclusion in every future episode of Burn Notice. Don’t ignore us, USA Networks. You taught us spy stuff.

Thanks, Joi, for another outstanding addition to the MusicRevolution.com library.


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