Nov 14, 2016, 12:02

We have 47,000 tracks covering every genre of music on . Today’s featured track is “Fifties Rock And Roll Johnny Be Bad” by Catch 22 Music. This is a fun, energetic, 1950’s style rock and roll track that will take your audience back to the fifties.

Fifties Rock And Roll Johnny Be Bad” (#00831671)

Track Description

Fifties Rock And Roll Johnny Be Bad” — Take me back to the fifties, with strawberry milkshakes, American diners, and jukeboxes! This track will keep the kids dancing all night long! A modern take on a fifties classic rock and roll track, complete with a rocking intro and a guitar solo halfway through. If you need to take your visuals back to the fifties, then this is the track to do it! Full of energy, youth and that 50s retro feel, this track fits the bill perfectly!

Influenced by– Chuck Berry, Bill Haley & His Comets, Little Richard

Track Metadata

  • Moods— Comedy, energetic, fun
  • Instruments— Electric guitar, upright bass
  • Genres— Pop, rock, specialty
  • Applications—Advertising, broadcast programming, Internet, presentation

Length— 2:39

About Catch 22 Music —

Catch22MusicCatch 22 Music composes fresh, exciting, and new music specifically for the broadcast industry. We sell music 24 hours a day all over the globe. We have a range of royalty free music that is perfect for video producers, computer game companies, ad agencies, and much more!

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