Jun 14, 2017, 12:08

In the last episode of this blog series, I was planning to hike up a mountain to spread my best friend’s ashes. Two months later, here’s the finished result:

Many thanks are in order….

First, to Apple…for real. I sat down to edit the video at 1 PM on a Saturday with virtually no previous experience. By 3 PM, it was done. How does Apple know what I want before I want it?

Second, to Davis Harwell Music for creating such a beautiful piece of music. When Blue Skies and A Happy Heart (#00536034) begins one minute into the video, it bypasses my clogged up brain and hard wires directly to my heart; then gives me permission to feel sad about my friend. Wow.

And last, to my (now) wife Dominique; for capturing that breathtaking shot of the ashes dispersing into the air on her iPhone. Facebook viewers have commented that the pattern looks like an angel. Others said it was a cross. Either way; we were both stunned when we first previewed it on her phone.

She also navigated us both up that mountain, both logistically and psychologically. And most of all, she sang that beautiful vocal part at the end. Every man should be so lucky. Thank you, baby.


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