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About Kris Dale– Kris attended the University of Miami’s School of Music graduated in 1997 with a degree in studio music/jazz performance. Upon returning to his home town of Atlanta, Kris joined the Lost Continentals and toured the U.S. playing swing. Since then he has played with Kingsized, Greasepaint and many other Atlanta favorites. Currently with Corey Smith, Kris also can be seen with Bernadette Seacrest and her Provocateurs, Tongo-Hiti, Caroline Herring, Sweet Knievel, Geoff Achison, the Matt Wauchope Trio and Nick Longo, among others. Kris has recorded with Neko Case, Daath, Adult Swim’s “Squidbillies” and more.

KrisDaleKris’ music includes adventurous soundtracks for movies and instrumentals featuring the Theremin, Steel Guitar and Baritone/Bass guitars. Click here to listen to Kris Dale’s tracks on MusicRevolution.com .

  • High profile projects or clients you have worked for? 

I currently play bass for Corey Smith as a touring musician. I have contributed to music for Adult Swim’s Squidbillies and various independent TV and films. I just released my 3rd instrumental solo album, Sputnik which features my own blend of steel guitars, theremin and funky bass.

  • Primary instrument?

Bass (upright and electric) but I spend a lot of time on the steel guitar (lap and pedal) and baritone guitars lately.

  • Favorite music-making piece of gear or software you currently use?

I love the simplicity of Logic pro X plus the affordability of East West Composer Cloud for sounds.

  • Piece of gear or software you wish you owned?

I’d love an old Fender Rhodes for sure!

  • Film score or song you admire? Why?

I absolutely love Yann Tiersen’s score to Amelie. It’s a beautiful, exotic soundtrack that is equally at home standing alone or with the movie.

  • Music education background?

I have a Bachelor’s of Studio Music from the University of Miami.

  • Memorable “Aha!” moment during your musical education?

Talking with my composition teacher about writing for an instrument’s strengths really woke me up. I realized that the more knowledge one has about each instrument that they are writing for, the better. If the composer understands what any given instrument is really good at doing, they will write a part for that instrument that will sound better. It’s worth it to rent a trombone and putz around on it for a while before writing for it. The end result will flow much better through the instrument even when it is in the hands of a professional if the composer has a basic first hand knowledge. This also applies to software instruments in the sense that a Vibraphone part will sound more authentic if the composer limits themselves to working with 2 mallets (i.e. fingers on the keyboard) at a time. It’s also a great idea to run parts by your friends that play instruments that you don’t. I had a great conversation with a violinist once about which double-stops are reasonable to write for a professional to play in tune and lo and behold when the piece was ready to record, the session went very smoothly.

  • Most embarrassing music-related moment?

Wow, there are a lot! I did sneeze on stage once and cover my bass with mucus. There was no way out of that one.

  • If you had a time machine and could record or perform once with any artist, who would it be?

I would give anything to be in Pink Floyd for a day.

  • Moment you first knew you would be a musician?

I played “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica with my band at my high school talent show and immediately went from geek to superstar. That sealed it.

  • Advice you would give to a younger family member interested in a music career?

Most people don’t have a clue as to what a professional artist does, day to day. This is as much our fault as theirs because we market art as a fun, carefree lifestyle filled with parties and effortless performances in front of screaming fans. It’s not cool to show the hours of practice, tons of emails/office work, miles driven at 3am and poverty that precede these events. Having said that, it’s still totally worth it so do it! YOLO.

  • Five songs or albums you’d take with you to a desert island?

Anything by Vulfpeck

Sailors Guide to Earth by Sturgill Simpson

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Duke Ellington by Charlie Hunter

Crush by Lettuce

  • If you could master another instrument, what would it be?

The pedal steel guitar is my favorite thing to work on but it’s going to take a while. A long while.

  • Favorite time of day to work in your studio?

I generally start around 10am and finish up around 3pm with a quick break for lunch.

  • Any studio collaboration you experienced that stands out in your mind? Why?

I had a wonderful time with the horn section on my most recent record. To have such great musicians all in the same room around a mic, nailing it with no overdubs is a testament to hiring the best. I try to foster an environment where the horn players feel free to point out any awkward things I had written for them. This back and forth taught me a lot about writing for horns and was very inspirational for future projects.

  • What are your best, or even favorite tracks? Why?

I think everyone’s favorite stuff is their most recent and i am no exception. Grizzly Rose, Spacelab and Moonshot are my favorite tracks off of my new record because of the way all the musicians came together to improve upon my music beyond what I thought possible.

Grizzly Rose” (#03348977)


Space Lab” (#03348986)


Moonshot” (#03348979)


Click here to listen to more of Kris Dale’s tracks on MusicRevolution.com.

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