Apr 27, 2018, 12:17

We have over 50,000 tracks covering every genre of music on MusicRevolution.com (www.musicrevolution.com). This week’s featured track is “Sweet Memories” by The National Pool. This is a moving, emotional, orchestral track that is perfect for advertising, broadcast programming and film.

Sweet Memories” (#01103187)


Track Description

Sweet Memories” –This highly emotional orchestral cue features cello, viola, and piano, with just a sprinkle of synthesizer. It opens with a subtle contemplative arrangement and then builds to an almost celebratory refrain.

Track Metadata

Moods— Corporate, inspiring, sentimental

Instruments—Piano, strings

Genres—Classical, corporate, orchestral, period

Applications—Advertising, broadcast programming, film, special events

Length– 3:12

About The National Pool–

TheNationalPoolaFrom Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A., The National Pool offers some great music that can be described as modern, techno, electronica, pop, rock, energetic, corporate and inspiring. Click here to listen to more of The National Pool’s tracks.

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