Nov 18, 2020, 19:45

A seasoned songwriter, Wayne Gamache’s music has been heard around the world on hit series such as All My Children, The Young and the Restless and HBO.  Now, songs from his latest release Get in the Game are available on Music Revolution.

With a mainstream rock sound for fans who demand a seat in the front row, Wayne Gamache has outdone himself with Get in the Game.  A follow up to the 2014 release PGM Experience:  Porri-Gamache-Messier, Get in the Game is 15 tracks of classic inspired rock sure to leave audiences craving for more. That’s what happened when hit songwriter Alan Roy Scott took a listen.


Scott said, “Gamache is a welcome and breath of fresh musical air and inspiration,” adding that the album is, “enough to satisfy almost any listener’s taste for quality music and songs within a more rock-orientated direction.”

Scott continued, “Songs like A Woman is a Gambler will grab one by the ears and never let go while softer hits like The Truth Will Explode allow listeners to hear the more ballad side of who Wayne Gamache is as an artist.  Seasoned to perfection, Wayne is firing on all cylinders when it comes to his latest release.”

Songs including ‘A Woman is a Gambler’, ‘One F-You’, ‘ I Can’t Get Away with a Thing’, ‘We’ll Say Goodbye Tomorrow’, ‘Red Balloon’ and ‘There’s Something about Summer’ would be great for feature films while ‘Good Luck Baby’, ‘Winning’s Only the Beginning’ would be ideal sports broadcasts.

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