May 12, 2021, 13:23

This week’s featured track on ( is “Behind the Achievement” by Passionate Soundtracks. This is a moving, inspiring, orchestral track with an emotional cello and touching violin. Perfect for films and documentaries.

Behind the Achievement” (#07424744)

Track Description

Behind the Achievement” – The story behind every achievement inspires and gives hope! Inspirational and uplifting orchestral, featuring hopeful strings, flowing electric piano, emotional cello, touching violin and cinematic percussion that create a heartwarming, motivational mood.

Track Metadata

Moods— Dreamy, inspiring, sentimental

Instruments— Piano, strings

Genres—Classical, corporate, documentary, orchestral

Applications—Advertising, broadcast programming, film, special events

Length– 3:08

About Passionate Soundtracks–

PassionateSoundtracksPassionate Soundtracks is a personal project of the composer Valstrem, consisting of musical works with a wide variety of production styles..soundtracks, symphonic, folk, rock, minimalism and more. Valstrem has been active in composing music for films, documentaries and theater productions. In his collaborative team you can find symphonic orchestra performers, rock band musicians and traditional instrument players. The pre-production starts in his personal studio while the bulk part of recording, mixing and mastering takes place in the exceptional facilities of the SR Studios.

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