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Location: San Ramon, CA, United States Of America
Member since: November 28, 2010
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Black Magic

Falling Clouds

1. High profile projects or clients you have worked for?

I’ve worked on hundreds, but a couple off hand I can think of are spots and infomercials for “The George Foreman Grill”. Same for Comcast  internet spots and infomercials for the Littermaid, Swiffer, Wet Jet and Oxiclean (with now deceased Billy Mays)! Too many others to list here!

2. Primary instrument?


3. Favorite music-making piece of gear or software you currently use?

Stylus RMX/Digital Performer

4. Piece of gear or software you wish you owned?

Coming soon are String VI’s and the new Lexicon EFX ITB

5. Film score or song you admire? Why?

Too many too list!

6. Music education background?

BA music

7. Memorable “Aha!” moment during your musical education?

Learning how to improvise outside the key!

8. Most embarrassing music-related moment?

Making a mistake in a musical!oops

9. If you had a time machine and could record or perform once with any artist, who would it be?


10. Moment you first knew you would be a musician?

At 17 when I got my first club gig!

11. Advice you would give to a younger family member interested in a music career?

Have fun. Do it when you’re young and hang out with kids or school peers whose parents are in the biz! Your chances increase greatly!

12. Five songs or albums you’d take with you to a desert island?

A Bach record, Earth Wind & Fire record, Dark Side of The Moon, a Beatles record and maybe Sting’s greatest hits. No particular order!

13. If you could master another instrument, what would it be?


14. Favorite time of day to work in your studio?


15. Any studio collaboration you experienced that stands out in your mind? Why?

Well I work with a guitarist and the first time we played together we were playing off each other like we had been doing it are whole lives.

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