Mar 7, 2011, 11:38

There is a tremendous amount of production music available in traditional production music libraries and more music is becoming available on the Internet on sites like Of course, like any other type of content, it’s a fair bet that the migration of production, or stock, music to the Web will continue. However, finding the right production music track for your project, at the right price, can be a daunting challenge with all of this content.

At we are selective– we only accept high quality, royalty-free production music from professional musicians and aspiring musicians with professional skills. With over 11,000 tracks live on and with music being added every day, how do we categorize and keep track of all of this music so that video producers, multi-media producers, filmmakers and other music buyers can find the tracks that they need? When production music tracks are uploaded to, they are tagged with keywords and information covering the following categories–

–Application- for example, advertising, retail, presentation

–Mood- for example, angry, energetic, inspiring

–Genre–20 genres including rock, classical and drama

–Instruments- for example, acoustic guitar, piano, strings

–Vocals or no vocals?

–Select influences– for example, The Beatles or Lady Gaga influenced the musician when they created this track.

The “Select Influences” feature is one of the innovative aspects of the “Advanced Search” function on While musicians and music buyers may describe music by using terms such as “rock”, “energetic” and “electric guitar”, they often think of the production music that they are looking for based on the sound and feel of a popular band, such as The Rolling Stones. This is why we built the “Select Influences” feature into the “Advanced Search” on As an example, if you are looking for a royalty-free music track that sounds or feels like Coldplay, click on “Select Influences” in the “Advanced Search” on, scroll down and click on “Coldplay”, then click “Search”. The search results return 44 tracks. The following are the first two results–

–Sky Glider by Mark Hewer

–Heartbeat by Shockwave-Sound

You can see, or should I say hear, where the musicians and tracks might have been influenced by Coldplay.

The result of all of this keywording/metadata to describe each and every track, and features like “Select Influences”, is a very advanced and intuitive search that enables the user to find the right production music for their projects on And if the “Advanced Search” doesn’t turn up the track that you are looking for, let us know and our music editors will be happy to help you with your search. And if our music editors can’t find the production music track that you need on, we can also reach out to our community of hundreds of professional musicians to find the production music track that you need.


Chris Cardell is co-founder of, a production music marketplace where media producers and business owners can license high-quality, affordable music from a online community of musicians. Cardell has been involved with digital content and E-Commerce since the mid-1990’s.

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