This  spot recently took 1st prize in a contest to see what team could produce the best commercial for Dialogue Earth, a non-partisan think tank that focuses on environmental issues. The spot was written and produced by Chris Bookman and Dylan Walker, also known as Snap Brothers, who are college-students based in Texas. “We’ve entered […]

We provide music comps to Tongal members who submit videos to contests. Tongal contests are normally sponsored by companies that pay out prize money for the best submissions (for details, visit It’s also important, for the sake of understanding this article, to know what the term User Generated Content means. People who view internet […]

As a composer, it’s common to focus a great deal of mental energy only on the tools. With so many extraordinary plug-ins being released on a regular basis how could one NOT get excited about the new level of realism in your next virtual orchestral track or the latest software synth created by Eric Persing? […]