Jun 23, 2011, 11:36

Based on David Pogue’s June 22, 2011 software review in the New York Times, here’s a quick list of the major differences between’s Apple’s new Final Cut X ($300), which will be replacing the traditional Final Cut software series (now at version 7 for $1,000). This move will certainly lighten the barrier of entry for creative types want to try their hand at video, but may cause frustration for veteran power users.

What’s In:

-When you drag video clips over one another, nothing gets cut.

-You can now continue to use the program while it’s rendering (!).

-You can now adjust a shot’s playback speed by just holding a key and dragging the right edge of the shot.

-The new “Color Match” feature helps shots looks more like each other.

-The new “Auditions” feature allows you to try alternate shots without placing them individually.

-Imported video can now be automatically analyzed to see how many people are in a shot and automatically sorted into folders that way.

What’s Out:

-Opening old Final Cut projects in X (!)

-Editing multiple camera angles.

-Exporting to tape.

-Buying the program via DVD (all online now).

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And here’s the full article about Final Cut in the New York Times


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