Oct 6, 2014, 16:34

Electronica is a genre that encompasses a huge number of contemporary music styles, all of which clearly and audibly were created by or with computers and electronics. Not just the blips, beeps and sweeps of the original Micromoog synthesizer, but even acoustic music that’s been wonderfully manipulated by the hands of a skilled digital audio professional. Our royalty-free music library contains progressive trance, drum and bass, hardcore, house, ambient, down tempo, dub, garage, two-step, jungle, chill out and more musical styles. We wanted to highlight some of the royalty-free electronica music on MusicRevolution.com (www.musicrevolution.com) that could be used for a range of purposes including TV and radio commercials, online video ads, corporate videos, web videos, trade show videos and other applications. We have a wide selection of royalty-free electronica music.

A search on MusicRevolution.com for “electronica” yields over 5,600 royalty-free music tracks—


A search on MusicRevolution.com for “electronic” yields over 6,000 royalty-free music tracks—


A search on MusicRevolution.com for “techno” yields over 1,000 royalty-free music tracks—


A search on MusicRevolution.com for “house” yields over 700 royalty-free music tracks—


A search on MusicRevolution.com for “downtempo” yields over 200 royalty-free music tracks—


A search on MusicRevolution.com for “dubstep” yields over 100 royalty-free music tracks—


We have hundreds of great musicians on MusicRevolution.com, but when I think about electronica, Kora3000 immediately comes to mind. The description on Kora3000’s Musician Personal Profile page on MusicRevolution.com simply says “electronic!!…, in all its forms!” Kora3000 has over 500 royalty-free tracks online—




MusicRevolution.com also offers a collection of over 100 royalty-free tracks written by Joel Zimmerman (now known as Deadmau5) for licensing in your media projects. How is this possible? A while back, Joel was commissioned by music publisher KillTheSilence to create tracks for their production music library. KillTheSilence controls the rights to these tracks and has graciously uploaded this music to MusicRevolution.com. Click here to listen to those tracks–http://www.musicrevolution.com/search/?keyword=zimmerman&application=0&mood=0&genre=0&instrument=0&influence=&vocals=1&results=20&x=25&y=6

MusicRevolution.com also has a number of CDs, available in both physical CD and download CD formats, with hand-selected royalty-free music tracks.  We have compiled a great collection of royalty-free electronica music on “Electronica, Vol. 1” –


This is a collection of royalty-free electronica tracks that are really worth checking out.



With over 30,000 tracks of royalty-free music online in our production music library, MusicRevolution.com (www.musicrevolution.com) has some of the best royalty-free music available anywhere.


Chris Cardell is the co-founder of MusicRevolution.com http://www.musicrevolution.com, a royalty-free music marketplace with over 30,000 tracks online where media producers, video producers, filmmakers, game developers, advertisers, businesses and other music buyers can license high-quality, affordable royalty-free music from an online community of professional musicians. MusicRevolution.com also provides custom music production and custom music streams. The entire MusicRevolution.com production music library is available for third-party distribution and bulk licensing for background music for retail, restaurants and businesses, and for other commercial applications. Cardell has been involved with digital content and E-Commerce since the mid-1990’s.


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