Apr 16, 2016, 02:40

A gnarly industrial-pop song called “Guns Blazing” by Cobra Ramone was used to underscore the most erotic scene I have ever witnessed in a movie where everyone’s clothes stay on. In the 2013 independent film All the Wrong Reasons, our main female character (played by director Gia Milani) has a crush on a male co-worker. In the scene, Milani’s character has a dream where her amore is standing still as a statue in their workplace. She stands next to him – studying him up and down like an object – then kisses him.

The entire dream sequence happens in excrutiatingly slow motion on top of this grinding beat:

My written words don’t do this justice. You have to watch the movie. In art, there are moments when sensuality is holy – not seedy (check out turn-of-the-century paintings by Mamet). This scene – one of those moments to be sure – is worth the price of admission.

Kudos to director Gia Milani and her team for this incredible cinema moment.


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