May 15, 2016, 21:10

We have nearly 44,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). Today’s featured track is “Tangolot” by Scewby Mundo. This is a fun, funny, quirky, lighthearted track with a Latin feel that is perfect for advertising, broadcast programming and film where a little humor is required.

Tangolot” (#00000287)

Track Description

Tango with accordion, piano and strings. Keywords— world, passion, sexy, romantic, fun, funny, comedy, exotic and quirky.  Perfect for advertising, broadcast programming and film. Think funny Fiat car commercial!

Track Metadata

  • Moods— Comedy, exotic, fun
  • Instruments— Accordion, piano, strings, upright bass
  • Genres— Comedy, period, world
  • Applications—Advertising, broadcast programming, film

Length— 2:02

About Scewby Mundo
ScewbyMundoDewey Dellay of Scewby Mundo composes music for television, film, Internet, games, and theater. Past composing work includes National Geographic Television shows – Chinese Mummies (Emmy nominated), Finding Anastasia, Virus Hunters, Chachapoya, Last Christians of Bethlehem, Afghan Warrior, The Discovery Channel’s Miami Jail, Oprah Winfrey, Date Patrol, America’s Spookiest Places, My First Home, among many others. Dewey received an Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Design, and IRNE for his composition and sound design in theater. Mood is paramount and the music has to be motivating. Categories include – Quirkitudes, Dramatica, Worldish, Tekitude, Jazzitude, and Hip Fresh.

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