Aug 7, 2016, 14:17

We have over 45,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). Today’s featured track is “Lively Acoustic Rock” by Seastock. This is an inspiring, energetic acoustic rock track that features acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, bells and drums. Perfect for advertising, broadcast programming, film and other media applications.

Lively Acoustic Rock” (#01249614)

Track Description

“Lively Acoustic Rock” is a delightfully positive rock tune that features acoustic guitars, ukulele, and drums. It’s upbeat and modern feel is perfect for all sorts of videos, presentations, and commercials.

Track Metadata

  • Moods— Corporate, energetic, inspiring
  • Instruments— Acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, bells
  • Genres— Corporate, folk, pop, rock
  • Applications—Advertising, broadcast programming, film

Length— 2:22

About Seastock

SeastockTwo composers & sound designers from Seattle, Washington, USA, Seastock specializes in inspirational, acoustic-driven tracks, but compose in many styles including rock, pop, folk, blues, punk, and electronic.

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