Jun 19, 2018, 23:22

Featured Track: “Brief Pause” by Solxis Music

For the first time in his life, my 16-year old son is experiencing the intricacies of being – and having – a “wing-man”. He recently updated me on his social life and, while he spoke, I wished Solxis Music’s “Brief Pause” was playing in the background.

That’s because “Brief Pause” is the ultimate wing-man for video footage that doesn’t get there on its own. Pete Lengyel explained why.

Listen to “Brief Pause” (#04936985)

Lengyel was a music professor at Georgia State University in the 90’s who taught Arrangment for Big Band. He was one of those professors who actually did it for a living so he didn’t have time for academic jargon or over-thinking. One day he said, “Creating a piece of music is just a series of a thousand tiny decisions – one after the other. Sometimes the end result is fixed in your mind while making those decisions. Sometimes it’s not.”

I really think Solxis Music had such an end result in mind while they made the thousand tiny decisions behind “Brief Pause”. That end result was, “It’s not about me. I’m the wingman.” It’s an incredible track not because of what they DID include; but because of what they DIDN’T.

This is the ideal track for when the corporate B-roll footage you’ve shot looks beautiful but lacks soul. Because they made it about you.


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