Scientists are still debating the validity of “The Mozart Effect” – the notion that listening to the music of Amadeus Mozart was the primary reason 12 test subjects performed better on an IQ test than test subjects who either listened to relaxation music..or complete silence. As a southerner who has never set foot in a […]

Location: Auckland, New Zealand Member since: March 3, 2010 Tracks in portfolio on 287 (click here to hear all tracks) Background: The Sound Room is based in Auckland, New Zealand and produces high-quality original music. The team of Marshall Smith and Tom Fox compose music for film, documentaries, television, advertising, games and other […]

“Corporate” is among the most searched terms in Music ( We thought that we would highlight some of the great royalty-free corporate music on that could be used for a range of corporate and business uses including corporate videos, PowerPoint presentations, website videos, trade show videos, company meetings, sizzle reels, ad campaigns, background […]

     There have been cases of wedding photographers getting sued for using music online and in their wedding videos that are produced for commercial gain, including the Tony Romo wedding video that was published on YouTube this year using Coldplay’s “Fix You”. Apparently, the wedding photographer didn’t have permission to use Coldplay’s copyrighted track and […]

Recently, Art Holden, President of PresenterMedia, interviewed me to ask my thoughts about selecting the right royalty-free music for use as background music in PowerPoint and other presentations. We thought that this interview would be useful for our readers on Here is a summary: Art Holden, PresenterMedia: Many of our users are […]