Featured Production Music Track Prairie Town Morning by United Sonic Alliance Until Aaron Copland, orchestral (or “serious”) composers in the US were relegated to the shadows of the great European masters, content to make par. Copland actually gave America its own unique voice in that medium. His Symphony #3, written during what many critics believe […]

This post was provided by our friends at Daddy Van Productions, a concert video production. From working with massive bands that have attained international stardom like Maroon 5 and Disturbed, to working with classic hair metal groups on a reboot like Motley Crue and Aerosmith, Daddy Van artist Charlie Terrell has carved out a niche […]

After some of these recent requests, we specifically tagged a select group of tracks that we think will work well for many sizzle reels.

We love doing scavenger hunts for ideas and content that help media producers make cooler videos. Today we found this very effective approach to featuring a corporate executive