If you’ve ever felt like your music composition career is stalling because of things beyond your control, read the below article by Michael A. Levine. Levine worked with Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer for 13 years. For those of us who heard Zimmer’s simplistic film score to Thelma and Louise; then wrote him off as […]

As a performing piano player and studio musician, I often have the situation of dealing with either a poorly-tuned, ill-regulated piano, or a digital piano. Even with a fine instrument, the sound or monitors are often a problem leading me to play too hard or to choose not to be heard. And, being a working […]

This post was provided by our friends at Daddy Van Productions, a concert video production. From working with massive bands that have attained international stardom like Maroon 5 and Disturbed, to working with classic hair metal groups on a reboot like Motley Crue and Aerosmith, Daddy Van artist Charlie Terrell has carved out a niche […]