Isn’t it funny how TV commercials have become the best way to find new bands? Subura picked a terrific song to advertise their new Forester. The song is “Powerful Stuff’” by San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Sean Hayes. I think the best part of this spot is when the subtle drum groove kicks in at :21: Here’s […]

Check out this Volkswagen Jetta spot that uses Pigeon John’s “Bomb” to underscore a digitally recreated Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly dancing in the backseat. Good stuff: And here’s the full-length track by Pigeon John. This is exactly the kind of high energy, one-dimensional (I mean that in a good way) tracks that music supervisors […]

When we launched MusicRevolution and received our 1st round of music submissions, a legal question quickly surfaced: Can song titles be copyrighted? A great example is “Crazy”. Here’s a song title that means two totally different things to two different generations. Ask anyone born before 1965 to hum “Crazy” and they’re think you’re talking about […]

We provide music comps to Tongal members who submit videos to contests. Tongal contests are normally sponsored by companies that pay out prize money for the best submissions (for details, visit It’s also important, for the sake of understanding this article, to know what the term User Generated Content means. People who view internet […]

Here’s a mix tip that instantly made my orchestral mixes better back in the day: Run your percussion tracks through a big plate verb BEFORE you run the entire mix through a big room verb. This simulates the relative proximity of a real percussion section within a real recording studio. It sounds huge. Enjoy! Mike […]

When producing a TV commercial, only enlightened creative teams consider the idea of context – how will this spot come across when book ended between an engaging TV show and a local car dealer spot? Corona’s ad agency of record, Cramer-Krasselt (based in Chicago) exploited this creative parameter to its maximum years ago when TV […]

As a composer, it’s common to focus a great deal of mental energy only on the tools. With so many extraordinary plug-ins being released on a regular basis how could one NOT get excited about the new level of realism in your next virtual orchestral track or the latest software synth created by Eric Persing? […]

Kaspar Astrup Schroder’s new film My Playground takes a global look at the emerging Parkour scene in Copenhagen, Bejing, Washington DC, Tokyo and more. Anyone who became dizzy during the opening scene of the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale is intimately familiar with Parkour which Wikipedia defines as “a philosophy, [that] includes the physical […]

Location: Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom Member Since: March 10, 2010 Tracks in Portfolio: 111 (Click here to see all tracks) Tracks We Like: “Road Trip” Road_Trip.mp3 “Street Lethal” Street_Lethal.mp3 “Start a revolution” Start_a_revolution.mp3 The Interview: 1. High profile projects or clients you have worked for? Movies “The Wrestler” “Couples Retreat” & “Valhalla Rising. Commercials for […]

This week we reached 8,000 tracks on MusicRevolution! Hundreds of musicians from all over the globe have uploaded tracks in every style and genre and we feel truly honored to represent such an amazing community of production music talent. To commemorate the occasion I thought I’d highlight tracks from our collection that are perfect for […]