It is my hope that James Horner finally gets a chance to catch his breath and look down into the millions of hearts he has permanently marked with his gorgeous music.

From a purely musical standpoint, the most innovative Super Bowl commercial this year featured no music at all.

Carnival Cruise Lines won us over with grand ocean imagery that should have been accompanied by profound, epic music. So imagine our surprise when the huge, panoramic shots were underscored by the singular, crackling voice of JFK delivering this speech

Non-musicians often guage the talent of musicians by asking them how many instruments they play. It’s an easy way to make conversation and an easy number to count. As a rule, I always refrain from saying what I really think. A gallon of water can be poured into several glasses or one big jug. Either […]

The song is “Clash” by Caravan Palace, a collective of DJs and producers based in Paris, France who
specialize in the genre called electro-swing. This is one of those brilliant song licensing choices
that works not because the singer sounds good; or the musicianship is stellar; or the composition is
clever; but rather because the singers’s voice just sounds interesting. It’s like seeing a shade of
blue on an Italian sports car unlike any shade of blue you’ve ever seen. You can’t stop looking at it.

Questlove, Jimmy Fallon’s music director for many years, has acended to icon-status due to a long collaborative history with artists like Jay-Z, The Roots, Christian McBride and D’Angelo. The moment Fallon debuted as Johnny Carson’s…er, sorry…Jay Leno’s replacement the world had its new Doc Severinsen. Personally, my favorite part of Questlove’s Wikipedia page is “Thompson […]

The longer I work in advertising, the more respect I gain for ad agency account executives who succeed at getting good creative pushed up through the chain of command. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the newly appointed chief marketing officer tries to explain the virtues of self-deprecation – on national television […]

At a time when YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world and my 11-year old knows 25 viral videos off the top of his head, this electronic dance music band from Great Britain has found an incredibly effective way to market a song. Just try and watch this sports highlight video […]

Here are some really great music syncs we’ve seen this week during the Summer Olympics broadcast on NBC (*claimed under FAIR USE). Client: Fruit of the Loom Agency: The Richards Group Song: “Bring Me Close” performed by Mindy Gledhill Client: Chevy Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Song: “America the Beautiful” performed by Ray Charles _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ […]

The usage of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s song “10,000 Miles” in the film Fly Away Home was cited on a forum I found as one the best “uses of a single song to accompany a film scene”. I’d have to agree . At almost six minutes in length, the music sequence at the end of the […]

The gunshot sound effect created by sound editors Jay Wilkinson and Jason Jennings under the direction of Albert Hughes for the Denzel Washington film the Book of Eli is absolutely awesome. From what I can tell, they put a long reverb tail on the gunshot sound, looped it in a waveform editor, then recorded some […]