The song is “Clash” by Caravan Palace, a collective of DJs and producers based in Paris, France who
specialize in the genre called electro-swing. This is one of those brilliant song licensing choices
that works not because the singer sounds good; or the musicianship is stellar; or the composition is
clever; but rather because the singers’s voice just sounds interesting. It’s like seeing a shade of
blue on an Italian sports car unlike any shade of blue you’ve ever seen. You can’t stop looking at it.

Questlove, Jimmy Fallon’s music director for many years, has acended to icon-status due to a long collaborative history with artists like Jay-Z, The Roots, Christian McBride and D’Angelo. The moment Fallon debuted as Johnny Carson’s…er, sorry…Jay Leno’s replacement the world had its new Doc Severinsen. Personally, my favorite part of Questlove’s Wikipedia page is “Thompson […]

The longer I work in advertising, the more respect I gain for ad agency account executives who succeed at getting good creative pushed up through the chain of command. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the newly appointed chief marketing officer tries to explain the virtues of self-deprecation – on national television […]

In one fell swoop, Deutsch LA’s usage of the song “Down the Road” for Dr. Pepper leapfrogged every other soft drink brand in terms of music licensing

No doubt the word “Heineken” has by now become a big part of the conversation for an Australian-based band called Clairy Brown & the Bangin Rackettes. Media producers looking to add that kind of funky, retro vibe to their videos should check out this funky retro production music track on

Excellent usage of Willy Moon’s “Yeah Yeah” in this iTunes commercial. And here’s a MusicRevolution retro hip hop stock music track that media producers can use if they want to affordably emulate this musical effect.

I once read an Esquire magazine interview with a famous actress who said, “When women are on a 1st date they should watch how the guy eats. If he takes his time and savors the meal then he’s probably a good lover.” The 1996 film Big Night, written and co-directed by Stanley Tucci and hailed […]

Years ago one of our best UK-based musicians, Sirius Child (creator of the awesome royalty-free downtempo track “Recline” , tipped us off about an emerging style of music called dubstep.  It’s a sub-genre of electronica that exploits low frequency ranges to a groin-tickling degree that’s never been done before. According Vance Kelly, a professional live […]

If there’s any silver lining to the collapse of record sales, it’s that TV jingles got way better. National brands with advertising dollars are the new best option for a great song that must be heard by the world. And the creative team at BBDO New York recently hit a musical home-run by building an […]

This spot, released on Red Bull’s YouTube channel on July 2012, has the clear sensory advantage over other TV spots unlucky enough to be sharing air time with it. Why? First, the sheer culture shock of hearing a stuffy old British guy rhyming over a hip-hop track is enough to at least get your attention. […]