In 1975, a young untested film director wrapped production on his first major studio film. He was feeling hopeless because although the script called for several shots of a giant shark, the mechanical creature created by his art department failed through most of the shoot. And because most of the principal photography was done on […]

If you’ve ever felt like your music composition career is stalling because of things beyond your control, read the below article by Michael A. Levine. Levine worked with Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer for 13 years. For those of us who heard Zimmer’s simplistic film score to Thelma and Louise; then wrote him off as […]

Dominique and I were recently watching videos of X-Factor auditions on YouTube when this pre-roll ad for French’s Jalapeno Mustard appeared: Clicking “Skip Ad” has become second nature for most of us by now, but this spot was the exception. It totally got our heads bobbin’. Congratulations to ADROC – the retail marketing agency for […]

We have 46,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( Today’s featured track is “Arecibo – Instrumental” by The National Pool. This is an energetic, hi tech. electronica, rock track that is perfect for film and documentary use. “Arecibo – Instrumental” (#01103131) Track Description— “Arecibo – Instrumental” — With a title derived […]

We have over 45,000 tracks covering every genre of music on ( ). Today’s featured track is “Indie Rock Energy” by Gavin Jack. This is an energetic indie rock track with a blues feel that features bass, electric guitar and drums. Perfect for advertising, Internet and retail applications. “Indie Rock Energy” (#01918526) Track […]

Sitting in the producer chair as a vocalist pours her/his heart into your track is a bit like holding a nest of baby birds in your hand. You can be too rough and cause bruising. You can care too much and smother. Or you can be indifferent and let in the snakes. These choices may […]

Music that is fast-paced and rhythmic makes your audience more attentive and engaged. As a result, “energetic” is one of the most searched terms on ( We wanted to highlight some of the excellent royalty-free energetic music on that could be used for a range of purposes including TV and radio ads, corporate […]

As publishers we’ve observed that every year the music licensing world sanctions a list of tracks that
perfectly embody the emotions that really matter to a story (or a product purchase). Our congratulations to Album Leaf for getting on that list in 2012 and being responsible for the track we
think most beautifully expressed “poignant sadness” in 2012.

Is there any hope for my little $1,000 ditty?

In this blog series I’ve been telling the story of how a hit song is made. A hit song that is not yet a hit song, mind you. But if the story is true about the large family in Tennessee that thrives entirely on the royalties generated by “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer”, […]